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Service uses CoinJoin Mixing system, that's why our mixer is absolutely free. We don't take any fee for using our bitcoin cash mixer.

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SegWit & bech32

Our service supports bech32 addresses of the witness version 1 (those starting with "bc1") as target addresses. You can use SegWit addresses starting with the digit "3" to send and to receive bitcoins.


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How long does the mixing process take?

We have a lot of bitcoin cash in our reserve, this allows our clients to make operations independently from each other.

How many confirmations is it required to consider coins arrived?

Currently, 3 confirmations are needed for any bitcoin cash amount.

How much time the deposit address stays actual?

A generated deposit address is valid only for 24 hours. All related data will be erased and all payments to the address will be ignored afterwards.

Do you store any logs?

Our service does not keep any information about processed transactions. All related data is erased after all coins are dispatched to target addresses.

What is the largest deal amount?

It depends on the current amount of coins we have in our reserve.You will be informed about the maximum amount of coins available for mixing.

Can I trust you large amounts of bitcoin cash?

Our mixing model is properly tested and works perfectly. However, you can mix small coins portions if you have any doubts, to ensure step by step that everything is crystal clear.

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